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Bike Bottles & Bidons



More colloquially known as the humble water bottle, the bidon is one of the most important accessories for any cyclist.

Traditionally, cycling bidons were made from aluminium and mounted to the handlebars of the bike. To get a drink mid-race, riders would need to first pop open a specially-designed spring-lever bottle cage, then remove the bidon and its cork stopper, take a swig, replace said cork and bidon, and close the cage—all while cycling. Not exactly performance-enhancing!

It’s hardly surprising that in pursuit of better performance by riders, the bike water bottle has undergone a significant transformation since then. Nowadays, the bidon water bottle is a highly flexible container stored in a bottle cage mounted either to the downtube or seat tube of the bike frame (or both).

Aluminium has been replaced with BPA-free plastic, allowing bottles to be squeezed and direct a significant flow of water controlled by the rider’s hand pressure. The cork stopper has been replaced by a plastic or rubber nozzle, which can be easily opened with the mouth and closed even at high speeds.

Suffice to say, taking a drink from modern-day bidon is much easier and has minimal impact on speed and overall race performance. As a cyclist, it is important to get the right cycling gear in order to enjoy the riding experience.

Are bidons necessary?

We’re firm believers in the importance of the bidon and its place as one of the mandatory accessories in any cycling kit.

Regardless of whether you’re a casual commuter or a high-level competitor, regularly drinking water and staying hydrated is essential.

Endless performance studies have confirmed that even with the slightest level of dehydration, the human body’s ability to regulate temperature decreases immediately. So does your brain’s ability to function.

The longer or harder you cycle, the more your body will heat up. The higher your body temperature, the more your body sweats as it attempts to cool itself. The more you sweat, the greater—and quicker—the fluid loss your body experiences. It’s a vicious cycle.

At first, your body will draw water from its natural stores in your bloodstream. Once this is depleted, however, dehydration kicks in. Water starts to be pulled from your muscles, leading to cramps, fatigue, and reduced stamina. As you continue to dehydrate, your heart rate will begin to increase, and you’ll experience drastic declines in your situational awareness and reaction times.

These cognitive and physical impacts are incredibly dangerous for any cyclist. With your ability to judge traffic and unexpected obstacles severely impacted, and your body tired and at risk of sudden cramping, you pose a significant threat to the safety of yourself and others.

It is worth noting that despite depending on water to survive, the human body is notoriously bad at recognising when it needs water. Unfortunately, if you’re only reaching for your bottle when you start to feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated and the proverbial—and perhaps literal—race is lost.

Luckily, all of this is easily avoidable. You can stay hydrated by carrying a full bidon or two (and remembering to drink from them!).

Cycling bidons are available in many forms. You can find bottles for sale which are insulated, to keep your water or sports drink cold during hot weather, or perhaps keep a hot drink warm during wintertime. Depending on the size of your bike frame, you can also buy small drink bottles to facilitate easier access to your sports drink or water. Whether you prefer to carry one bottle or two, staying hydrated will keep you fresh and allow you to reach peak performance.

Where can I buy bidons near me?

You can find the best bike bottles right here at Cycling Emporium. Shopping with us is easy. Whether you’re looking to buy cycling bidons from the comfort of your home or scrolling on your phone during a mid-day ride, you can view and order from the complete range of water bottles for sale from any device. Not only that, we also have a huge stock of cycling products that include saddle bags, cycling gloves, helmets, socks, arm warmers, jerseys and cycling jackets.

We offer only the best brands of cycling gear and bike accessories. When you shop for drink bottles with us, you can feel confident each bidon featured in our online shop is made of the highest quality materials available.

Once you’ve picked out your bottles, make sure you check out the exclusive range of bottle cages and other bike accessories.

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