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Cycling Gloves


Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves are essential cycling gear for riders, whatever kind of bike you ride and whatever the time of year. Full-finger cycling gloves cover your entire finger while cycling fingerless gloves are more popularly known as mitts.

Cycling fingerless gloves are great for summer biking adventures. When you have an unfortunate fall, they are very useful for protecting your palms from cuts and abrasions.

For mountain bikers, long-fingered gloves can help increase your control at the bars and reduce damage if you were to crash. They can also give you the ultimate grip while riding and can protect your hands from brisk winter winds. Mountain bike gloves often have full-fingered designs in order to protect cyclists from tree branches, rocks, and other debris often encountered on the trail. They are also typically made of heavier-gauge material to withstand added abuse.

Are cycling gloves really worth it?

Yes, cycling gloves are really worthy investments for riders, especially those who are dealing with variable riding conditions in Australia. Picking the right pair of bike gloves begins by identifying the type of riding you’ll be doing, as well as the weather and terrain conditions that you will be facing on the road.

Getting well-padded comfortable cycling gloves can go a long way in reducing hand fatigue and numbness. You can benefit greatly from the additional grip and protection offered by gloves for cycling since they can keep sweaty hands from slipping from the bar grips.

Some gloves are even made of top-notch materials that prevent overheating. Whether you’re looking to go mountain biking or go on long intensive rides, a good pair of cycling gloves can provide protection from wind, rain, cold, and possible accidents.

The best summer cycling gloves have padded and textured palms, helping you to grip the bars better while providing cushioning.

When the temperature drops during the winter, you don’t have to let that keep you off your bike. With proper preparation and the right gear, you can make cycling a year-round sport. For snowy weather or extremely cold conditions, invest in an excellent pair of winter cycling gloves so you can continue cycling during the bone-chilling winter months. You’ll need a pair that provides thermal insulation because touching the cold metal of your brakes coupled with the wind from riding at high speeds can numb your hands and affect your response time.

Make sure that you are using cycling gloves because mittens, while warm, might hinder you from smoothly operating the brake and shift levers.

How should cycling gloves fit?

Choosing the wrong pair of bike gloves can lead to a miserable riding experience and unnecessary pain, which is why it would be in your best interest to take the time and effort to find gloves that are the perfect fit for you.

Cycling gloves are one of the few items that have direct contact with both your body and the bicycle. They help you maintain proper grip on the bars when your hands get too hot and sweaty, they protect your skin during an accidental dismount, and they can help alleviate numbness and soreness in your hands.

The best gloves for cycling should fit snugly and should not be too tight or too loose. Biking gloves should be snug enough to feel like a second skin but should not feel too tight as to be restrictive. Bike gloves that are too big for you will be cumbersome, while products that are too small will limit movement and cut off blood circulation.

In order to take the measurement of your biking gloves, consider the length and diameter of your hand. Measure from the tip of your longest finger towards the base of your palm. This indicates the length of your hand.

Wrap the tape measure on the widest part of your palm and then make a fist with your hand before you take the measurement. This will help you determine the width of your hand. Now you can use this measurement to determine the size of the gloves that you need.

In order to assess the fit of a bike glove, focus on the webbing between your pointer finger and your thumb. This webbing will help you determine whether the gloves are a good fit or not. The best bike gloves should be snug enough but should not be too loose. When the glove is too tight, you will experience some discomfort when holding the handlebar due to pressure.

Where can I buy the best cycling gloves?

You can find the best bicycle gloves in Australia right here at the online store of Cycling Emporium.

Cyclist gloves vary in price and application, ranging from lightweight cycling fingerless gloves offering basic cushioning and crash protection to fully weatherproof winter bike gloves for tough conditions.

Shopping with us is easy. Whether you’re browsing from the comfort of home or scrolling on your phone while relaxing during an outdoor ride, you can view and order the complete range of cycling clothing and bike accessories from any device.

We also offer free global shipping for orders over $99 AUD. Once you’ve settled on the perfect pair of cycling gloves, make sure to check out the cycling vests, cycling jackets, cycling long sleeve jerseys, cycling shoes and cycling base layers featured in our website so you can complete your cycling kit.