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Cycling Base Layers


Base layers are an essential part of the cycling kit designed to keep you comfortable regardless of the conditions. On hot days they wick sweat from your body and keep you cool, and on frosty mornings they insulate and keep your body at an appropriate temperature.

In the days when fabrics were more basic, the pros used to crudely cut extra holes in their base layers to help them breath better, but thankfully those days are behind us.

An old superstition of the undershirt is that you wear it however it comes out of the wash. You don't turn it inside-out or right-side in, you wear it the way the washing machine gives it to you. Do this, and may all your training rides and races be blessed with good luck.

Lastly, if you find yourself doing a supported ride or race, make sure you take a spare undershirt with you. Change your base layer mid-ride and it’ll make you feel like you just put on a brand new kit!