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Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys


Cycling Long Sleeve Jerseys

If you want to wear the best cycling gear while bike racing in Australia, cycling long sleeve jerseys can meet your biking needs.

Cycling clothing has come a long way. Far from just keeping you warm on those brisk winter morning commutes and distance trials; long sleeve jerseys now offer essential UV protection for riding in Australia’s great—but harsh—outdoors.

At Cycling Emporium, you can buy cycling jerseys and accessories to keep you comfortable while racing through any climate. Whether you like to keep your kit simple or make a sartorial statement with lots of colour, you can find the perfect bicycle jersey among the huge range of popular brand name products online.

We work hard to offer a curated collection of the best and most popular cycling clothing and bike sports accessories. Our staff members take the guesswork out of choosing the right product for your cycling journey.

What’s more, we offer free online shipping for orders of $99AUD or more, so you can buy cycling jerseys for every season.

What are the benefits of long sleeve cycling jerseys?

At the most basic level, cycling long sleeve jerseys provide protection for better performance.

Long sleeve jerseys are manufactured in a variety of lightweight materials, and often in combinations. Each variation offers a different level of thermal insulation, which helps the cyclist to regulate and maintain optimal body temperature in response to their environment.

In cold weather, typical long sleeve cycling jerseys will be fleece lined, offering insulation from the cold through heat transfer. Waterproof materials and cycling shoe covers will help keep the body dry in damp conditions. Cold-weather jerseys have mesh underarms or a zipper near the neck, to stop the body from overheating. During warm months, cycling long sleeve jerseys with lightweight breathable fabrics allow body heat to escape while providing vital UV protection from the harsh Australian sun.

On an aerodynamic level, road cycling jerseys serve to streamline the rider. A t-shirt or loose-fitting top will create drag, making it difficult to bike at lower speeds and requiring a lot more energy to go the distance. Cycling shirts are designed specifically to reduce wind resistance and support the rider in continuous momentum, increasing their speed and energy efficiency. They are also cut for comfort, with the shoulder seams placed higher to accommodate the bend of the body and arm placement when on your bike.

When looking to buy cycling jerseys online, a good cycling long sleeve jersey will also have two distinct features: reflective elements, and pockets. Lots of pockets.

Ensuring you are as visible as possible is paramount to the safety of every cyclist, whether racing, training, or commuting. Whether you’re riding solo or in a peloton, you can increase your visibility by wearing a bike jersey long sleeve with high viz colour and reflective strips.

Visibility is also achieved through lights and reflectors on your frame and bike accessories, such as bike saddle bags and your bidon. It’s worth noting here that Australian law requires a blinking or steady rear red light (visible from 200m away) and front white light (visible from 50m away) when riding in low-light or dark conditions.

Cycling long sleeve jerseys have been designed specifically so that their storage pockets don’t inhibit aerodynamics. The typical cycling jersey will feature three pockets across the lower back. This deliberate placement removes the risk of drag and is also where the weight distribution of items is most effective.

Investing in a quality cycling sports jersey and cycling base layers will make every ride so much more enjoyable. Unlike your t-shirt, long sleeve jerseys are designed specifically for performance and offer the same benefits for men and women.

Where can I buy long sleeve jerseys for cycling?

Whether you’ve just graduated from training wheels or live your life on the road, investing in appropriate clothing for cycling is essential.

A good kit doesn’t need to be extensive—or expensive. Investing in high quality cycling clothing basics from Cycling Emporium will see you through a range of climates and conditions.

Shopping with us is easy. Whether you’re browsing from the comfort of home or scrolling on your phone while taking a well-earned breather on an outdoor ride, you can view and order cycling clothing and bike accessories from any device.

We offer only the best brands of cycling gear and bike accessories. When you shop for cycling long sleeve jerseys with us, you can feel confident each product featured on our online shop is made with the highest quality lightweight materials available. Products are tried and tested, and we respect honest customer reviews.

What’s more, we offer free shipping worldwide for orders over $99AUD. With no delivery charges, you can complete your cycling kit with top-notch products.

Once you’ve picked out your cycling jerseys, be sure to check out the cycling leg warmers, cycling arm warmers, and cycling knee warmers featured on our website so you can pick products that support your performance and recovery.