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Cycling Caps


Cycling Caps

Cycling caps are a quintessential part of cycling. They are versatile pieces that are great additions to every road cyclist’s wardrobe since they ensure complete coverage in variable riding conditions.

Cycling caps have a short, 2–3 inch brim and a low profile top that fits securely under a helmet. The brim extends long enough to keep the sun and rain out of your eyes, without blocking your vision. This brim is usually smaller than regular baseball caps in order to give you a wider field of vision when you are on your bicycle. The cycling cap should be placed firmly on your head, but with a gap between its top and your scalp. It is beneficial to use this product since you'll be adding a layer of cushion to enhance comfort and it prevents the helmet from rubbing against your head.

Also known as a cyclist cap, this headwear has a peak that is made of thin material. The peak is more flexible and you have the option of wearing the peak up or down. The back of the cap is often made of elastic material to help you achieve the perfect fit and to prevent the cap from moving or chafing. The peak protects a rider’s eyes from the sun and rain, and when turned around, it can protect vulnerable necks against sunburn.

Cycling caps are great at providing a light layer of warmth that protects your head from the effects of helmets, without causing you to overheat, as they might in a thermal cap designed for winter. These products cool you down in the summer by absorbing moisture and provide a certain degree of warmth in winter.

There are two main types of cycling caps: classic caps and skull caps.

Classic caps

Its appearance is very similar to regular baseball caps. It is usually worn under a cycling helmet in order to give you protection from the sun. It also doubles as a helmet liner to absorb moisture.

Skull caps

This cap style is wrapped around your head for a snug fit. It is very useful for keeping your hair out of your face. Like a second skin, you can wear it under your helmet to prevent moisture and keep you dry.

What are the benefits of a cycling cap?

There are several practical reasons for you to don this headwear while you are out on a ride.

Cycling caps are worn under your helmet to enhance protection against rain, sunlight, and wind. Most people wear it in extreme weather conditions to protect their eyes or glasses from water drops. On bright and sunny days, a cycling cap absorbs sweat and it helps to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes. The peak can shade your face and protect your head from the sun. In the winter, it adds an extra layer of warmth, especially if you pick a cap with ear flaps to provide even more protection against the elements. When you're out riding your bicycle at night time, putting the peak down is useful because it blocks the blinding headlights coming from the other direction.

At Cycling Emporium, we offer only the best brands of cycling gear and bike accessories. When you shop with us, you can feel confident each brand featured our online shop is made from the highest quality materials available.

We understand the importance of having durable cycling caps that will protect you from the harsh conditions of the Australian outdoors. You'll find that the cycling caps available in our online store are made with a range of materials to suit the weather and your personal sense of style. Since our collection has products available in a wide variety of colours, you can mix and match with any outfit so you'll definitely be cycling in style. The cycling caps are made from top-notch materials such as cotton and wool.

Whether you're searching for a waterproof cycling cap, a cold-weather cycling cap or even a retro cycling cap, you can look for them all in our website. There are also thermal cycling caps available for cold weather riding. With a wide variety of options for cold, sun, and rain, you may even want a small collection of cycling caps for every riding condition.

When picking cycling caps, it is important to consider several factors such as design, breathability, comfort, and value for money. Picking the right headwear can help cyclists like you ride all day long while being protected from sun and rain.

Where can I buy the best cycling caps?

If you’re looking for professional, sleek cycling caps, you can find the best cycling caps for sale online right here at Cycling Emporium. Most cycling caps are available in a couple of sizes, so find the one that fits comfortably under your helmet without squeezing your head too hard.

The best cycling caps are those that can stop sweat, prevent sunburn, can keep the rain off your face, and can keep you warm during winter.

Shopping with us is easy. Whether you’re browsing from the comfort of home or scrolling on your phone while taking a well-earned breather on an outdoor ride, you can browse our online store and order from the complete range of cycling clothing from any device.

We also offer free global shipping for orders over $99 AUD. Once you’ve picked the best cycling cap for your biking adventure, make sure to check out the cycling vests, cycling jackets, cycling long sleeve jerseys, and cycling shoes featured in our website so you can complete your cycling kit.