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Cycling Jackets


Cycling Jackets

Cycling jackets are a vital piece of clothing for every cyclist. Whether you’re a casual commuter, weekend warrior, or a committed contender, being unprepared for inclement weather conditions can quickly ruin your ride.

Cycling Emporium aims to help you achieve peak performance each time you get on the bike. We sell the latest high-performance cycling gear available in Australia. Our team members can assist you in choosing the right product for your cycling journey. When shopping for bike coats with us, you can feel confident that your choice of cycling jacket will protect you from the weather, provide comfort on the road, and reflect contemporary styles.

Whether you like to keep your kit simple or make a fashion statement with lots of colour, you can find the perfect bike riding jacket among the cycling jackets available at our online store.

Shopping with Cycling Emporium is easy. Whether you’re browsing from the comfort of home or scrolling on your phone while taking a well-earned breather on the road, you can view and order from the complete range of cycling clothing and bike accessories from any device.

We also offer free worldwide shipping for orders over $99 AUD.

How do I choose a cycling jacket?

With so many cycling jackets available online, picking the perfect bicycle jacket might seem challenging at first.

Cycling Emporium only stocks high-performance cycling clothing. That means that when shopping for bike coats online with us, you can feel confident that every waterproof bicycle jacket available will protect you from the weather while providing comfort and style.

When shopping for a bike riding jacket, ensuring a good fit is key to comfort and performance.

Cycling jackets are designed specifically to fit the anatomy of the cyclist while on the bike. They are manufactured with a generic size chart e.g. S – XXL. To ensure the best fit for your bike riding jacket, measure:

The circumference of the widest part of your chest. Start at one armpit and wrap the tape around your body, ensuring the tape measure remains level. Your natural waist and hips. For men, this is a single measurement just above the hip bones. For women, measure the smallest part of your waist (usually at the bottom of the ribcage) and around the widest part of your hips including buttocks.

Take these measurements and compare them with the individual brand size guide on the online product listing to find the most suitable size. Note that sizes may vary between brands.

When choosing the size of your bike coat, it is also worth getting cycling base layers or cycling jerseys which can make you feel more comfortable during your ride. If you like to layer clothing or find yourself between sizes, we recommend choosing one size bigger.

Bike riding jackets have been designed specifically to protect the cyclist while maintaining aerodynamics. A typical cycling jersey will feature three pockets across the lower back. This deliberate placement removes the risk of drag and is also where the weight distribution of items is most effective.

So, if you’re the type to stash everything in your pockets and skip the bike saddle bags, make sure you account for this extra volume when choosing your jacket size. Often bicycle jackets will have a longer tail to accommodate this, and to help protect your lower back and backside while on the bike.

Once you have your size, consider the climate or weather conditions in which you will be wearing your cycling jacket. Different jackets offer different structural elements for comfort and protection. Some jackets may only be windproof, some only waterproof while others will be both. Cycling jackets come in a variety of materials, thickness, and weight.

If you are in a warm and humid environment, choose a lightweight waterproof jacket which will protect you from wind and rain but allow heat to escape. These cycling jackets are more commonly known as spray jackets. They are incredibly light and can be compressed into a very small space, which is a big advantage for riders.

For the cold-weather cyclist, pick a rain jacket style with a thermal lining, such as polar fleece. This will offer fantastic insulation against cold, wind and rain, and keep the body dry and warm in the harshest of winter weather conditions.

When you are riding outdoors, ensuring you are as visible as possible is crucial to your safety—especially in poor weather conditions. Whether you’re riding solo or in a peloton, you can increase your visibility by wearing a bicycle jacket with high viz colour and reflective strips.

How to buy cycling jackets near me?

You can find the best cycling jackets and road cycling accessories available in Australia by shopping online at Cycling Emporium.

We also offer free global shipping for orders over $99 AUD. So, once you’ve settled on the perfect bicycle jacket, you can pick up some cycling shoe covers to protect your cycling shoes and keep your feet toasty warm too.

Make sure to check out the featured cycling vests, cycling long sleeve jerseys, cycling shoes and other bike accessories to complete your cycling kit.