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Cycling Jerseys


Cycling Jerseys

Cycling jerseys are cycling gear designed to support your thermoregulation through evaporation and increase overall aerodynamic efficiency while riding.

In other words: they help you stay cool and go fast—and they look great on you!

Whether you’re just starting out on the bike or live your life on the road, we highly recommend investing in a quality bike jersey.

For the commuting customer, the lightweight, compact nature of riding jerseys means they won’t take up space in your work bag. They’re also easily washable and quick to dry. Cycling shirts are also made of specially designed moisture-wicking fabric. Unlike plain cotton, jersey fibres allow your skin to breathe while riding. This means your cycling top won’t retain moisture, causing it to become heavy and stick to your skin.

For those who race, cycling jerseys are part of high-performance cycling clothing. Aside from helping to regulate body temperature, the close fit of a road bike jersey assists you while riding by reducing wind drag and supporting aerodynamic movement. This helps you to conserve vital energy when riding uphill or into a head- or crosswind; and increase your speed when riding downhill or with a tail wind.

A good bicycle jersey doesn’t need to be expensive. Setting yourself up with high quality cycling clothing basics from Cycling Emporium will keep you on the bike through every season.

Whether you want to keep your jersey simple or make a bold statement with lots of colour, you can find the perfect bicycle jersey among the featured products in our online store.

Our online shop offers a curated collection of the best and most popular cycling clothing and bike sports accessories available. We take the guesswork out of choosing the right product for each customer.

What’s more, we offer free online shipping for orders of $99AUD or more, so you can buy cycling jerseys in every colour, sleeve length and fashion style.

Do cycling jerseys make a difference?

In a word: yes. Almost everyone understands the significance of the Tour de France’s fabled “yellow jersey”, or maillot jaune, and the honoured position it holds in the world of cycling. It’s safe to say that if the cycling world’s top-most professionals are riding in cycling jerseys when they race, there’s a good reason for it.

Riding jerseys are cut specifically to fit the anatomy of the rider while seated on the bike. Their close fit is designed to reduce drag, or wind resistance—such as those caused by a t-shirt or other loose-fitting clothing. Cycling shirts help cyclists to conserve their energy and maintain consistent speed and movement. A cycling top is also cut for comfort, with the shoulder seams placed higher to accommodate the bend of the body and arm placement when on the bike.

A quality bicycle shirt also assists riders to regulate and maintain optimal body temperature according to their environment. Traditionally, bike tops were made from wool—great for temperature regulation, not so much for reducing wind-resistance. It might come as no surprise that the biggest change in cycling fashion came from Italians in the early 1940s. Combining their world-renowned passion for cycling—and their innate fashion style—they began to use lightweight materials, such as silk, which were more rider friendly and could be easily dyed in bright, distinctive colours.

Modern cycling jerseys are manufactured in a variety of lightweight materials, usually a synthetic blend. These textile combinations create quick-dry, moisture-wicking fabrics. The technical design of the bike jersey fabric weave allows the body to breathe and perspiration to evaporate from the skin, removing any latent heat and moisture and additional weight.

What to look for when buying cycling jerseys?

When looking at bike jerseys for sale, you’ll first need to get your size. Because cycling shirts are specifically designed to fit your body’s position while riding, this may not be the same size as your regular clothing. To ensure the best fit for your road bike jersey, measure:

The circumference of the widest part of your chest. Start at one armpit and wrap the tape around your body, ensuring the tape measure remains level. Your natural waist and hips. For men, this is a single measurement just above the hip bones. For women, measure the smallest part of your waist (usually at the bottom of the ribcage) and around the widest part of your hips including buttocks.

Take these measurements and compare them with the individual brand size guide on the online product listing to find the most suitable size. Note that product size may vary between brands.

After you’ve worked out your size, consider the season or climate you’ll be wearing your cycling top in. Short sleeve cycling jerseys are fantastic for summer in Australia, however lightweight cycling long sleeve jerseys will also protect you from the harsh UV rays. For the colder months, riding jerseys with a longer sleeve—particularly when paired with a cycling jacket—will keep you warm without compromising performance.

Good cycling jerseys will also feature reflective elements, to ensure you are as visible as possible to other riders, pedestrians, and traffic while training or commuting. A bike jersey in a bright colour with reflective strips will help increase your safety whether you’re riding solo or in a peloton.

Investing in a quality cycling jersey and cycling base layers will make riding a breeze. Unlike your standard t-shirt, cycling tops are designed specifically for optimal performance and offer the same performance benefits for men and women—including multiple pockets.

Cycling Emporium offers only the best brands of cycling gear and bike accessories. When you shop for cycling jerseys with us, you can feel confident each brand featured our online shop is made with the highest quality materials available. Products are tried and tested, and we encourage customer reviews to ensure we are providing the best service and cycling clothing available.

You can shop with us anywhere. Whether you’re using a laptop at home or taking a well-earned breather on a mountain trail, you can view the complete range of bike jerseys and bike accessories for sale online.

After browsing the various colours and styles of cycling jerseys, be sure to check out the featured cycling shoes, cycling vests, and cycling caps to complete your cycling kit and help you reach peak performance during every ride.

We also offer free shipping worldwide for orders over $99AUD. With no delivery charges, you can get your riding jerseys and any cycling accessory you need, delivered straight to your door.