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Cycling Socks


Cycling Socks

Cycling socks offer a range of benefits like compression and weather protection to help you reach peak performance every time you hit the road.

At Cycling Emporium, we offer only the best brands of cycling gear and bike accessories. When you shop with us, you can feel confident each product featured on our online shop is made from the highest quality materials available.

We know that comfort is key for cycling clothing. The cycling socks featured in our website are made from the best compression sock material. If you’re looking to buy cycling socks to keep your feet cool and moisture-free, these lightweight bicycle socks offer maximum weather protection.

Our online shop offers a huge range of compression bicycle socks for every gender. Whether you prefer a crisp white cycle sock or love a splash of colour, we’ve got the best cycling socks online.

We also offer free worldwide shipping for orders over $99 AUD. So if you’re looking for all-new cycling clothing or want to upgrade your bidon and other accessories, you can rely on us.

Do cycling socks make a difference?

Cycling socks are a crucial piece of cycling clothing for road cyclists. If you’re not giving your feet maximum support and protection, you won’t get very far.

Cycle socks offer serious benefits to the avid outdoor cyclist. A good pair of bicycle socks will wick moisture, support your ankle and provide temperature regulation during your ride. The best cycling socks look after your feet and legs while you are on your bike and support quicker recovery post-ride.

The cycling socks featured in our website are made from the best available compression material. Compression fabric—often used in hospitals—is designed to support efficient blood circulation and oxygenation. This is crucial to ensuring your leg muscles stay warm and supple while on your bike, and that your toes don’t suffer from fluid retention, particularly at altitude. It also helps prevent lactic acid build-up and muscle fatigue.

Compression cycling socks continue to look after your feet and muscles once you’ve completed your ride. They provide extra support by continuing to promote good blood circulation to your extremities as your muscles cool and contract. In doing so, they help reduce muscle soreness and avoid latent fluid retention from lactic acid build-up.

All of this can lead to increased performance, stamina, and a more enjoyable and aerodynamic ride.

It is important to note than when you order cycling socks online, each sock is shaped specifically to your left or right foot. This ensures your feet stay cool and experience maximum protection and support as your cycle socks wick away moisture and sweat. Cycling socks also provide great prevention against blisters—a common ailment for the avid outdoor cyclist, particularly when breaking in new cycling shoes.

We offer a wide range of cycling socks for sale. Which style you choose will largely come down to personal preference and the individual support, protection and recovery needs of your feet and body while on and off your bike.

Knee-length compression bicycle socks with closed toes are the most popular kind of men’s cycle socks. They provide total coverage for your feet and help keep your extremities warm when cycling in cool or inclement weather.

Knee-length open toe cycling socks are popular among those who ride outdoor when the weather is warm. They provide full compression but are designed to allow the toes to breathe. Cycle socks with open toes also give cyclists the option to simultaneously wear a standard sock while on the road.

To ensure the best fit when you order men’s cycle socks and cycle socks online, you’ll need to take a series of measurements while seated.

Knee length

Place the end of the tape measure on the floor behind the base of your heel. Extend the tape to the back of the bend in your knee (beneath the crease). The measurement should fall just below the lowest part of your knee joint.

Calf circumference

Measure the full circumference (all the way around) of the widest part of your calf. Ensure the tape measure is level and the calf muscle is relaxed. It may help to sit in front of a mirror or enlist the help of someone to ensure accuracy.

Ankle Circumference

Measure the full circumference (all the way around) of the smallest/narrowest part of your ankle. This is directly above your ankle joint. Ensure the tape measure is level and your foot is flat to the floor.

When you order cycling socks online, you’ll also need to consider the level of compression you require. If you are a casual cyclist or just finding your feet on the road, we recommend you begin with the lowest level of compression. As the intensity, distance and difficulty of your rides increase, your compression needs will likely increase too.

Where can I buy the best cycling socks?

You can find the best cycling socks for sale online right here at Cycling Emporium.

Shopping with us is easy. Whether you’re browsing from the comfort of home or scrolling on your phone while taking a well-earned breather on an outdoor ride, you can view and order from the complete range of cycling clothing and bike accessories from any device.