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Cycling Socks


A lot goes into nailing the perfect sock/ kit combo, it's important to keep in mind that cycling socks have to be crew length (a minimum of 12cm cuff is appropriate), meaning both ankle and knee high socks are a big no no. So maybe don't throw out that rule book just yet. However, we're certainly not signed up to the theory that socks can only be white or black ...

Here are our five tips for nailing the perfect sock look

  1. Every cyclist should have one set of lucky socks to be worn only on race day.

  2. Socks should be worn to their full height and not bunched down.

  3. Socks should be worn above the ankle, but never more than 1cm above the bulge in your calf. A 15cm cuff is optimal; 12cm is an absolute minimum.

  4. Road cyclists should never, ever wear ankle socks, knee-length or compression socks on the bike. Ankle socks are for track sprinters and compression socks are for triathletes.

  5. Socks should always be worn clean.